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Quality ~ Our Policy

We have defined stringent but realistic quality policy to ensure that we deliver best product at competitive prices. To meet our quality standards, we focus on following parameters with real time monitoring;

1. Selection of raw material with reference to quality, source and trustworthiness of supplier.
2. Pre-processing storage to ensure protection from insects, moisture and adulteration.
3.With processing and grading standards to ensure uniform sizing and removal of undesired foreign particles and impurities.
4. Selection of packing material in adherence to guidelines related to human consumption.
5. Correct weight as per packing size
6. Dispatch of material without any damage to external packaging. Overall, from start to finish; i.e. entry of material in our processing facility till dispatch, we ensure hygienic environment and handling.

How to identify good quality product.

We suggest our consumers to check various parameters before making a decision to buy any product to be used for consumption by family. Although, every item will have some specific

selection parameter; some common checks to select best product are;

1. Uniform sizing - Check if the grain size is uniform.
2. Visible impurities. Check if any visible foreign particle or impurities in the material.
3. Polishing. Check if the material is polished or unpolished depending on your need. You can spot the difference by structure of grain surface whether it is dry or uniformly shining more than it’s natural shine.
4. Natural colour. Check for natural desired colour of respective product.
5. Insects or weevils. Check if any visible traces of weevils or insects.
6. Dust/Powder: Check bottom of the pack to ensure that there is no visible dust/powder.
For any doubts; always feel free to call our customer care to get help in identification and selection of best product for your family.
7.Identify the quality characteristics of pulses.
8.Determine end use of the pulses.
9.Help pulse researchers and plant breeders understand the effect of environment on pulse crop quality.